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The Perfect Alarm Clock⏰

Comfortable wake-up mode: You can adjust the sound, volume, light color and brightness through the app, personalizing a healthy sleep and wake-up routine.

Elevate Your Space with Multifunctional Design 🌈

SwiftCharge Mini: Wireless charging, high-quality Bluetooth speaker and three immersive light modes for an immersive sensory experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this charger support all major wireless charging phones?

Yes, the charger works with all phones that support wireless charging.

What Bluetooth version does the device have?

The device uses Bluetooth version 5.0.

Can I play my music through the Bluetooth speaker and switch between different light modes?

Yes, the product has Bluetooth speaker functions and 9 different light modes, which can be switched via the "m" button.

Is the lighting dimmable, and what color modes are available?

Yes, the lighting is dimmable. By pressing the "m" button, you can choose between 9 different brightness and color modes.